14 January 2010

Off island

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you live on an island (with no way off but for the ferry) is to be sure when you go off, you make the most of the day and indeed yesterday was such a day!

I have this special friend, the kind of friend everyone needs in their life, someone who shares it all! We share readings, movies, thoughts, good times and bad times and she never judges. I'd miss her even if I had never met her.

Yesterday we took a day off, checked out the latest deals at a large craft store (yes, the yarn department was wonderful and I could not resist a few skeins), stopped by a lovely Asian restaurant (the food was delicious)and then we treated ourselves to a movie.

The Grand Cinema reminded me of my childhood, older, cozy and the movie "The Young Victoria" was just the stuff dreams are made of. It is certainly worth seeing, the acting was very good, the cast excellent, incredible costumes and shooting locations and it described the 18 year old Monarch fate as few know it. This is indeed a wonderful historical romance and one to be seen.

One spectator described it as "a feel good story". Indeed, we need to dream a bit more...

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