07 January 2010

New Year

Every year I look forward to decorate our Christmas tree and put on our front door a lovely pair of skates I found one day. We do not decorate the whole house as some people might but I like to give it a festive look, bake special sweet breads and rolls including a Yule log, put on Christmas carols and wrap gifts, small gifts, many homemade and yes, I like to write Christmas cards and wish every one a wonderful Holiday Season. I never get tired of it!

This year I sent knitted items to the Seamen Church Institute (Christmas at Sea), HAIN (Heavenly Angels in Need), sponsored a Marine on Soldier.com and sent him/her a parcel and mail to share with comrades, and wrote 15 cards to Holiday for Heroes (the limit for 1 family) to be distributed amongst Active soldiers, their families and or Veterans. I only wish my budget would allow to do more! I am lucky to have a very understanding husband whom whilst cringing at the many postal rate increases does not mind mailing my many parcels, throughout the year! My house does not have Christmas lights but if I can bring a warm feeling to just one person, I feel good!

The sad fact however is that the Christmas tree has to come down sometime...and I was good this year, I took it down on 2nd of January! The first year we were married I insisted my husband buy a real tree and as promised he bought the largest one on the lot. I kept it until Kings day (6th of January) and we still found needles in July...

I recycled some lovely Christmas cards as book marks and store a few in my "special" box as souvenirs. I now am looking through the windows and spotted daffodils growing already and yes, I heard a robin singing...

I have already started on some needed spring cleaning and gave a warm and cheery look to our living room with a flowered tablecloth and a couple of April Cornell pillows found at my favourite thrift store!

I cannot bring myself to say completely Goodbye to the Christmas season and so I still read novels with a Christmas theme. My daughter thoughtfully supplied me with many of these from her own favourite thrift store.

I just do not want to let go of this special feeling you experience during the Holiday season! And I dream, and dream...

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