17 June 2010

Cotton yarn, MacIntosh and the Knit Box

The weather still feels like Autumn here and it does not appear to change any time soon. Walking MacIntosh requires planning around the "occasional showers" and the "sun breaks". Show him his (yellow) raincoat and our Corgi changes into a turtle!

At the same time we feel like yoyos opening and closing windows! Our Pacific Northwest weather is very conducive to mildew!

It seems a good time to catch up on reading, something we love to do in this house - no one would know when they see all the bookshelves, ah rum - and of course in my case, knitting!

I love knitting especially for babies, who doesn't? And knitting for Heavenly Angels in Need (http://heavenlyangelsinneed.com), I have the perfect excuse! When I ordered my selection of yarns from the Knit Box I never imagined it would arrive all the way from Turkey! (Stamp collectors: wait until you see those beautiful stamps!)

The knit box (http://www.theknitbox.com) is the creation of a lovely lady named Figi and she offers a wonderful selection of Turkish cotton!
On her website she explains her company's mission and she offers yarn, accessories, patterns and kits. The best part is she will ship anywhere in the world for one same price!

(photo above from The Knit Box)

"KB Yarn is produced locally by the Sayan family - nine brothers who uprooted themselves from mystical Mardin to find a living in the bigger city of Izmit (neighbouring Golcuk, it was also hit directly by the earthquake). Each working with yarn and textiles in their own different ways yet with a passion and deep-rooted knowledge for fiber handed down through generations. KB yarn is produced exclusively by the Sayans using the best Turkish cottons. Fair trade and labour applies to all products."

I was amazed to see their beautiful Ebru needles, Harem stitch markers and Nika ceramic buttons. Do I have enough birthday money to place my next order... O dreams...

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