25 June 2010

Faith, frienship and Jerusalem

We happened to be blessed with wonderful friends who never fail to amaze us with their thoughtfulness. We have learned many lessons from each one of them and we can only pray we in turn, have something to give them.

One of these friends will show up on the door steps, rain or shine, in good times and bad ones just to say hello, how are you, I missed you and bring with her the feeling we are family.
Families are meant to be there sharing good things and bad things. They will support you in your times of need, they make you feel you matter, they give you their trust and do not judge, they share their love, asking nothing in return. She is truly special!

Thus once more this friend shared her latest treasure: a wonderful set of DVD's produced by a man whose beliefs will reach out to you with no church boundaries. It matters little who you are for if you believe in Christ, you will hear Truman Madsen and witness his faith.

My family and I gathered each evening for 4 days to see and hear him speak. His eloquence and convictions, the locations he chose to speak of Christ as the Saviour enables any of us to follow in Jesus' footsteps.

I am an humble dreamer and I hope to see Jerusalem one day and the land of Israel. This tiny country who so often throughout the centuries was ravaged by wars has so much history for anyone to discover.

Truman Madsen shares with you the many years of historical research, the translations of precious manuscripts and allows you to see the many sites Jesus is believed to have walked through His life.

Throughout the DVD's we saw beautiful areas of Israel, wonderful still prints of the Palestine of years ago and felt the wonder of one man's awe for His Lord. A quick search engine allow me to find out that sadly this Christian recently passed away. But his legacy will not be forgotten.

It is said that to believe is to witness. I can honestly say this was a special moment in our lives.

If you wish to see for yourself, I recommend you check out the following:

Note: I received no compensation for the above statement. I only wish to share with you the opportunity I received myself.

En Gedi Waterfall
(one of the many sites I hope to see someday)

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