06 June 2010

D Day, faraway beaches and blessings

This being the 6th of June - D Day let's remember those many soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom on those faraway beaches of Normandy!

I remember as a little girl traveling with my Dad along this 50 mile stretch on the Normandy coast and visiting the many landing points of that long ago memorable break trough. He carefully checked local maps and made a point to see each of these locations.

My uncle had been part of the offensive and being just a teenager then, my father wanted to honour his memory and so many others. We visited countless cemeteries, not forgetting Henri Chappelle where 7989 military Americans dead are interned. In each visitor's book, he left a personal message...

Always remembered, never forgotten...

And if you happen to meet a Veteran today, please remember to say thank you for your freedom as so many can no longer accept your gratitude.

As the sun is setting, let's remember to count our blessings! Today is a special day!

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