18 June 2010

Meet Chimaira, MacIntosh new friend

Sometime in early spring we decided to add a new member to our little island house: meet Chimaira! A long haired American cat with a beautiful tail, Maira for short, is just perfect for our quiet household.

Since we have been first in England, then to our mountain cabin we thought it better to wait awhile to introduce her to our house so Maira will be joining us sometime later this week. MacIntosh knows her as he has been visiting her and we hope everyone will get along well. A tree house has been ordered, litter box acquired and of course the usual litter, food and assorted paraphenelia to make the transition easier.

Maira will become a regular visitor on this blog as we hope to take lots of photos! As for MacIntosh, he does not care how often he has to pose... Just dreaming Folks!

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