25 June 2010

The Heart Mender, a story of second chances by Andy Andrews

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews
Anyone who is acquainted with me will tell you how much I love to read so when the opportunity came to review this book I jumped on the occasion.

Since the USPS took a VERY long time to deliver this latest tome to our mailbox, I almost psyched myself into believing there is a reason for everything after all and perhaps this one was not for me.
Then after checking again the mail (requiring a ferry ride each way since this is a private island and there are NO deliveries here) my husband came home waving the Thomas Nelson parcel and I just knew this one was meant for me.

Every so often you find a really good historical novel.
Written by best-selling author Andy Andrews,
http://theheartmender.andyandrews.com "The Heart Mender" tells a story of love and loss in a time of war.

Albeit based on facts mostly unknown by most of us, namely the presence of U boats in the Gulf of Mexico during WW 2, this novel is about the many emotions experienced by people in times of trouble and hardship.

It is fast paced, well written and has all the ingredients which makes it a story you will not want to put down: love, hate, murder, intrigue, deception and survival.

This is indeed a compelling story of second chance, of forgiveness and real people (names were changed to protect their privacy) in a small town along the northern gulf coast faced with the realities of war.

I find it a wonderful read and I heartily give it 4 stars!

Please note in compliance with the news rules and regulation of the FTC commission I was provided with a free copy of this book, courtesy of Thomas Nelson.

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