20 June 2010

New look, Father's day and old books

I have been tempted for awhile to change a bit the design of my blog, I like changes (let me rephrase that, I thrive on it) yet nothing looked right. I think however this "new look" is just the thing!

I like the looks of old books. I like the feel of books, especially the smell of new books, that wonderful smell when you open the first page and discover yet another story.

But what I love the most is wandering around an old shoppe and finding an old favourite amongst the shelves. A tad faded with age, the pages perhaps perhaps even musty... I have a list I carry everywhere with me in a little book and I look for titles to add to our ever growing library!

For Father's day, my husband received a Dad's Bible to add to his selection of many, many Bibles. The happy look on his face tells me our daughter chose well. Each precious tomes is read and compared and studied carefully. Some become favourites, some are used for references only but each have their special place...

Books especially allows us to escape, to dream and imagine what could have been once upon a time...

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