19 December 2011

The Christmas Season , What Better Time For ATouch Of Kindness...

 Old man beneath a lamp post stood
ragged collar turned against the wind
yesterday’s news tucked between feet and snow
at least the news now served some good
people by the old man passed
too in a hurry to notice him
so much to do so little time
for Christmas Eve had come at last
but still the old man stood and waited
frayed hat across his eyes
as soft snow began to fall
but still no one stopped to see at all
at the old man’s feet a metal cup
waiting for a kindness coin
a soul might notice the old tin cup
So at last the man might sup
but still the hours slowly passed
and did the hurried feet of strangers
but no one yet had paid him notice
until a a small boy stopped at last
and to the old man he did say
into your cup I have no pay
but would you like my chocolate hot
to warm you here as you must stay
at that the old man lifted gaze
pulling hat back from his face
and to the boy did show true self
revealing wounds in hands and feet
and to the boy he did speak
tonight my son God saw your act
in kindness to one you did not know
not thinking heaven’s gate you seek
and you and I will meet again
in a blink of times quick eye
for it was  you who saw me wait
here by the lamp post and the gate

(Poem by Dan Sanders)

I came across this poem and just loved it!
There is no better time to share a touch of kindness than the Christmas Season... 

Blessings to all,


  1. It certainly speaks to me. I like the poem very much and the sentiments it expresses so well.
    Thank you for sharing that.
    Love and hugs,

  2. This is a beautiful poem and I would hope that this sort of kindness isn't only for the Christmas time. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a very happy new year. xo


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