07 December 2011

For One Moment Today Remember What Happened 70 Years Ago...

At 7:55AM on 7 Decembre 1941 Japanese Naval Aircraft bombed the US Fleet anchored in Pear Harbour, Hawaii. 

(British Pathé archives)

All of the eight US battleships stationed at Pearl Harbour were damaged, and more than 3,500 Americans at the base were killed or wounded, including 1,177 crew of the battleship USS Arizona.

On that fateful day America declared war...A day never to be forgotten...
War in Europe started on 1 Septembre 1939...

(British Pathé archives)
For one moment today let's remember what happened 70 years ago and honour the men and women who are still fighting for Justice and Freedom.

In Washington today the US President vowed: "We resolve to always take care of our troops, veterans and military families as well as they've taken care of us."

Remembering and praying...

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  1. Those brave souls are in my prayers,


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