06 December 2011


This being the 6th of Decembre today we celebrate Sinterklaas (St Nicholas)! 
Good little children knows Sinterklaas will visit their home and leave a present or two, a few oranges and speculoos, maybe some marzipan...So last night in many homes clogs were set out with a bit of hay for Sinterklaas' horse...

Oh the memories...never mind that I am no longer a child...

I remember the songs and the outings to the department stores where you visited Sinterklaas and whispered in his ear all that you wished for...and yes, you guessed it, I so dreaded Zwarte Piet...

Sinterklaas Kapoentje,

leg wat in mijn schoentje.
Een appeltje of een citroentje.
Een nootje om te kraken,
dat zal wel beter smaken.
Dankje Sinterklaasje!
Dankje Sinterklaasje!

and in English...

Saint Nicolas Little Rascal,

Put something in my little shoe,
A little apple or a little lemon,
A little nut to crack,
That will taste much better
Thank you little Saint Nicolas!
Thank you little Saint Nicolas!
 Blessings to all,

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  1. Lovely post Noelle.
    A happy St Nicholas Day to you and yours.
    Love and hugs,


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