20 December 2011

For Anyone Who Has Not Seen This Yet... Christmas Story, DVD Review

This being the Christmas Season we have a rule in our household: all movies selected for viewing must be about the Holidays! Thus we take turns to select one or more of our favourites such as 'A Christmas Carol', 'Joyeux Noel', 'The Christmas Card', 'The Forgotten Carols', etc...

Winter will soon be here and the days are getting much shorter and the nights are long...hence we like to get together around the table for something warm to eat and once the dishwasher is loaded, we settle down for a movie...This year (would you believe this is our first time?) we discovered 'It's A Wonderful Life', an amazing story sure to be become one of our favourites and then....'Christmas Story' or how Santa became Santa!

Here is the actual description of the DVD contents:

This Christmas, a great secret will be revealed. Have you ever wonder how Santa Claus came to be Santa?
A long time ago, the world's greatest story was born when a young boy named Nikolas took on a mysterious
mission and created a legend that would be carried on from generation to generation. This magical and
heartwarming tale of how the gift giving tradition was created will bring holiday joy to the entire family!

My review:

'Joulutarina' or 'Christmas Story' is a Finnish movie of how Santa...became Santa! 
Filmed against the stark but beautiful landscape of Lapland this is the long ago story of a young Finn named Nicholas whom a village adopts after he becomes an orphan. 
Each family in the fishing village commits to open their home to Nicholas for one year...Years are going by, Nicholas is growing and shares their lives, always helping by day, and carving small toys at nights with his father's knife...When Christmas comes, he leaves these wooden carvings outside of children homes...
Six years are going by and Nicholas must find a new home...

If you have not seen this beautiful movie, please take a moment and check your local library or another venue! It is 76 minutes short, perfect for little viewers!
A magical tale of this Santa we each still believe in no matter our age!

I give this one 5 stars!

Christmas Story or the joy of giving! A must see for anyone who still believes in Santa! (Me, me, me!)

Note to readers: I was not asked to review this DVD and all comments reflects entirely my own opinion!

Blessings to all,

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