15 September 2013

Dry Dock...

Goodbye Ferry...

(Photo source Islander Joseph Pentheroudakis)

We are now officially in dry dock, our ferry left for the shipyard and will be amongst other things, fitted with new engines.

A few islanders remain and rely on their personal boat for mainland access in case of emergency! 
Ours is a 14ft row boat...We are not likely to attempt crossing in a skiff!
Fire/Medical emergencies will rely on a 'nearby' island for response (approximately 1 hour and 15 min...)
Storms in the forecast...Thundering at the moment...
Supplies are in and we have battened down the hatches...Let's hope we do not lose the power!

Marooned and loving it!

Note: The ferry should return within 2 to 3 weeks providing we pass USCG's inspection!


  1. Replies
    1. Be assured we have no qualms about being 'marooned' Victor, in fact, we quite like it! Now of course, if we run out of chocolate...
      Just kidding! I didn't even stock on it...some things are just better savoured if occasionally available...(
      I'll give you one guess what I will purchase as soon as we get off island though...My willpower is only so good!)

    2. Where you live sounds frightening. 8 hours journey to nearest land on an island 1.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide.

      I couldn't live there with Auntie Gertrude chasing me all the time. But if she was on another island a little bit further, like Australia, then your place would be the ideal location to live in.

      It all boils down to where Auntie is in the end.

      God bless.

    3. Actually Victor, you see the mainland from the island and a regular ferry crossing takes only 15 minutes!
      The island responding to any potential emergencies during the dry dock period is not as close and because of the shores and waterways, takes a mite bit longer. State cuts, what can I say!
      Also the water temperature precludes swimming even if we were that good (3/4 mile at the smallest point).
      I repeat: Aunty Gertrude must love you a lot!

  2. Marooned sounds a bit worrying, but I'm not a boat person but I guess we live on a island only ours is much bigger than yours.
    Hope all goes well.


    1. Well, to be sure Merle, I could not find another expression for our status! There is no other way off island but with the ferry (currently docked at the shipyard I believe, the entire voyage being about 7 to 8 hours).
      Gunshot was heard earlier on...this island is only 1 1/2 mile long by 1/2 mile wide...Let's just hope no one shot themselves in the foot...Emergency services will take awhile to respond and it is illegal to discharge firearms here to boot!

  3. Noelle,
    I didn't realize you lived on an island until you mentioned it recently when I won the giveaway. I bet you know your neighbors well. And there are storms coming your way? You take care out there, and come and visit me whenever you get bored.


  4. We have been blessed with good neighbours Sheri but like most islanders we tend to keep to ourselves. This is the quiet season (until Memorial weekend) and we love the ambiance!
    Blogging has been wonderful: I meet people from all over and visit without even leaving the house! I have yet to meet someone who has not taught me something!
    God bless Dear (and I will visit shortly I am certain!)

  5. I hope these next few weeks are good and you stay safe. I'll keep you in my prayers. It sounds like such a different way of life, living on an island. I'm glad you have blogging to share it with us. I'm sure you have a stack of books to read! Sweet hugs!

    1. It does get interesting at times Diane but you get used to it and we are pro: we have been doing this for 11 years here on the Pacific NW coast. Ex-RAF flyboy was stationed for years on a South Pacific island (Kirimati) and loved it so much, I bought this place before he ever saw it I was so sure of it!
      I made sure I had a good pile!

  6. Sounds like a great adventure :) Stay safe!! I love reading about your island!

  7. Hi Kayla! Adventure? This is pretty mild for us, believe it or not!
    Hope the weather is cooling a bit your way!

  8. It sure is. It has been getting to be around 62. This is the first time for our family to feel some cool air in three years. We left our island a few months ago and we love it so far!


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