06 September 2013

Lightening Strikes...2,500 In Just A Few Hours...

(Photo source HERE - Photo from Tony D. Locke Photography)

Something of a record for this region: The entire storm system generated about 8,000 lightning strikes across the Northwest in Washington, Oregon and Idaho!

The National Weather Service said at the storm's peak Thursday night in the Puget Sound area, lightning strikes were occurring at the rate of 500 strikes per hour!

VIPIR radar counted more than 11,000 lightning strikes as of 5 a.m. Friday over the Puget Sound! Wow!

As for us on the island, what a show!! No power for two hours however!
We have lost track of how many times we are without electricity here but anything under 9+ days is not insurmountable! 
We can handle rough...most of the times! (as long as we can brew a cuppa, we'll keep calm and carry on!)

(Photo source King5.com)


  1. Wow that's a lot of lightening strikes and to be without power for so long how do you manage, I don't mind power problems in the day but night is a different matter.

    1. The 9+ days without power was hard Merle...December, below normal cold temperatures and no source of heat but electric...Can you hear teeths and knees shattering?...A kind neighbour brought us a propane tank and a small heater on the 6th day, bless her!
      We now have a chimney, woodstove and a generator!
      I hear we are to have a 'brutal' weather on the West coast (our turn I guess since the East coast had their share last year!)
      Lucky you, Winter is over and you are looking at Spring!

  2. We are having a thunderstorm right now with lots of lightening. It's nice to be inside and safe! Happy weekend my friend!

    1. I once experienced a lightening storm over Como Lake (Italy) and still remember the effects as it reverberated as in a funnel...The sound was incredible!
      Glad you are safe inside Friend!
      All the best,

  3. Apart from powerful winds, lightening scares the hell out of me. To have as much as this would be terrifying.

    As to power loss, I complain after a couple of hours, I don't know how you could cope with 9+ days (my two teenagers couldn't manage after 5 minutes unless their batteries were charged on their gadgets). What a different world we now live in.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Chel x

  4. It was indeed an experience Chel but then again, most of us have witness weather patterns out of the ordinary lately!
    You made me chuckle about the teens without batteries, how true!
    The first time we visited the island my (then 26 year old!) daughter schreeched:" Mum, do you realize there are no malls anywhere near by???")
    We live in a very different world Chel!

  5. Yikes! Lightening scares me a bit because it is such a powerful force of nature. However, this picture here is beautiful.

    Take care of yourself, my friend.


  6. Scary it was but like fire, there is also an attraction is there not?
    All the best,

  7. Scary! But I'm sure it was a beautiful sight to see as long as you were safe indoors.

    As for the recipes for the finger sandwiches, I can't take credit for the ones on the top tier. I used a pre-made curry chicken salad mix from Trader Joes, but it was delicious! The sandwiches in the second tier were made of cucumbers, pepper jack cheese, alfalfa sprouts, and mayo.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  8. Beautiful, perhaps but impressive for certain Jess!
    Thanks for the tip! (I like Trader Joe's items, unfortunately only rarely get to shop there - about 1 1/4 hour from us once we reach the mainland...I usually bring back all sorts of goodies when I get to go!)

  9. Wow that looks like some storm! Crikey being without electricity for that long is amazing. We have a few storms a year but rarely lose power. I love watching a good lightening show, but thunder doesn't impress me so much, especially when it is extremely loud!


  10. I imagine storms around the outback are spectacular Tania!
    Just finished visiting your post again (for flyboy to see what happens your way at this time!)
    All the best,


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