09 September 2013

The Klipfish Code by Mary Casanova, Book review

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) (September 3, 2007)
ASIN: B007M7XZ38
(Paperback)  Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (April 17, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0547744476


The year is 1942, and Norway is under Nazi occupation. Despite her grandfather’s
warnings, twelve-year-old Marit has decided to take action. Through her eyes, readers
experience the untold story of Norwegians’ resistance and their response to the arrest
of schoolteachers for their refusal to teach Nazi propaganda to Norwegian schoolchildren.
Set on an island of fishing trawlers, this novel is about risks taken, secrets kept,
and questions about whom to trust.

Here are my thoughts: 

Someone stated: Mary Casanova is the author of books that kids can't put down!
The Klipfish Code is a story not to be missed, not even by adults! Historical fiction based on little known facts are the best and Mary Casanova is entitled to a big high five for this remarkable story!

Norway in 1942 has German forces occupying their territory and demanding schoolteachers instruct their pupils the Nazi dogma. Refusing to obey, one out of ten teachers is arrested and sent to concentration camps and soon priests are being threatened as well.

The Klipfish (Norwegian for Cod) Code is the compelling story of young Marit and other courageous Norwegians who fought for their freedom in any way they could.

Ten year old Marit and her brother Lars are sent at the beginning of the war to live with their forbidding grandfather and aunt as their parents are actively involved with the resistance. 

It is now 1942 and under strict Nazi ruling, Norwegians are forbidden to wear their traditional outfit or bunad and must relinquish even the most essential items such as blankets and sheets along with radios etc...

A teacher who refuses to spread Nazi propaganda in her classroom, Marit and Lars' aunt is soon arrested and no one knows her whereabouts there after.

When Marit finds an injured member of the Resistance who begs her to deliver a coded message on the other side of the island, the young girl enlists her brother's help...

A spellbinding story of courage and determination in the face of adversity! The Klipfish Code is an adventure every youngster will delight into and a lesson in unforgettable history for the rest of us!

Note to Readers: Be sure to read the author's in depth notes and check out the glossary as you enjoy this story!
Further reading material is also listed and for those of you who enjoyed it as much as I did, here is a link to other books of the genre:

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  • Age Range: 9 and up
  • Grade Level: 4 - 7

About the Author:

Mary Casanova is the author of 30 books for young readers, ranging from picture books, titles for American Girl, and novels.
Once a reluctant reader, Mary is passionate about writing "stories that matter and books that kids can't put down." Her books frequently land on state reading lists and have earned many awards, including the ALA "Notable," Aesop Accolades by the American Folklore Society, Parent's Choice "Gold" Award, Booklist Editor's Choice, and two Minnesota Book Awards. 
When she's not on the road for research or speaking, she loves exploring the outdoors in northern Minnesota with her husband, Charlie, and their two horses, and three dogs.
Visit her website (HERE)

Note to Readers: This review was in no way requested and reflects ONLY my opinion!


  1. Thank you Noelle for taking the time to read all these books and reviewing them here.

    God bless.

    1. Ah well Victor, you write books, I read them! I am forever grateful to my Granny who after leaving school after 3rd grade, taught herself to speak and write fluently in four languages, read extensively and wrote diaries on her world travels.
      Reading was a passion with her and she made sure we enjoyed as well! Through it, she opened an entire world for our eyes for which I will be eternally grateful!
      By the by, we had a great time with Father Ignacious meeting St Peter!

    2. What a remarkable lady your Granny must have been. And how great you have such a passion for reading. The service you provide here is most welcome by your readers. Your reviews are fair and give an insight both on the story and the author.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying my short stories about Fr Ignatius. I look forward (with fear) to your review.

      God bless you and yours.

    3. With fear? Surely not! You just said I was fair after all and thank you, that's all I meant to be from the beginning.
      Yes, Granny was remarkable. You will notice her in the banner...She would envy surely your witty penmanship, she'd hope to be a playwriter...

  2. I think I recognize this author. What a great way to learn about history. Good review my friend!

    1. Thanks Diane! A great book for the youngsters but just as entertaining for this adult!

  3. This sounds like the sort of book the kids and I would have read together as they got older. When they were little I used to read to them, as they got older we still liked our reading time, so we used to read to each other.

    1. Reading was always special in our family as well. I will always treasure those moments. From my grandmother, I learned to talk with them about books, their likes and dislikes and learned a lot about my children in the process! I never asked her why she did it, but I can attest until her death at age 93, she loved to debate and analyse and read everything under the sun she could get ahold of, a trait she passed on to her great grandchildren. We still have lively discussions about our preferences!

  4. My daughter bought me this book for Christmas and I read it earlier this year. It's definitely one that adults can enjoy as well. I actually learned a lot from it!

  5. So did I! I went online and discovered all sorts of things about Norway!
    Thanks for stopping by,


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