10 September 2013

Oops! I Hope I Might Be Forgiven...

Oh dear! I have done it again...

Readers will remember I promised (outch!) to post the winner of the FLYBY PROMOTIONS GIVEAWAY for ALONE YET NOT ALONE on 6 Septembre 2013...Oh dear, Oh dear...

Albeit a few days later (sincerest apologies Folks!), I am happy to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY is (drum roll....)

"This sounds like a book I would love to read and share with my granddaughters. The movie will be one we will want to see."

I will contact you shortly by email to confirm your win and your postal address!

Thank you to all who entered!

And Many Thanks to FLYBY PROMOTIONS and Author Tracy Leininger Craven WHO MADE THIS GIVEAWAY POSSIBLE!

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