28 September 2013

Sow And Grow: A Gardening Book For Children by Tina Davis

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang (April 1, 2008)
ISBN-13: 978-1584796732


Kids are captivated by growing things. They’re fascinated by the way a seed, when planted, watered, and cared for, sprouts into a baby plant that’s soon putting out its first roots and leaves. Inspired by children’s innate affinity for gardening, Tina Davis has created Sow and Grow—a year’s worth of playtime ideas that combine fun and learning with a child’s sense of wonder at the natural world.

Here are my thoughts:

Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book For Children just begged to be noticed on the library shelf (as I checked out a whole pile for dry dock)! 
Children's books have the most beautiful illustrations and the nostalgic look of this one grabbed my attention!
The table of contents helps parents to introduce children step by step to the world of gardening with such categories as 'All About Plants' 'What a Plant needs to grow', and 'Gardening indoors month by month' for i.e..
There is nothing like it when children experience the warmth of the earth with their small hands and witness that magical moment when a little seed they have planted grows! God surely smiles!

You might be surprised since fair Autumn is upon us I would review such a title.  But as I explained at the beginning, I did not chose the moment, it just sort of happened!

The monthly gardening plan is charmingly illustrated with an undeniable touch of nostalgia guaranteed to make the adults remember bygone times! Oh the memories...

I will just mention Tina Davis opens the month of October with 'forcing bulbs' such as Narcissus or Paperwhites and Amaryllis, giving step by step instructions for little ones to follow.  
November shows 'how to start plants...with leaves' (check out new begonias from leaves, so easy to do and I never knew how much!). As for December, 'Decorating with houseplants' and Plants as gifts' suggestions makes it just idealt for the upcoming season.

Notes on 'How to repot a plant, floral forms and leaf and bulb forms' makes it also easy for little ones to learn something they will always enjoy! And the 'Monthly Gardening Journal' helps those who can already write keep track of this great hobby!

There are other books on gardening to be shared with children but I am almost certain parents and grandparents will delight in Sow and Grow as much as the kiddies! 
I'll make this one my # 1 suggestion for Christmas giving!

5 stars!!

About the Author:

Graphic designer Tina Davis, the principal of Tina Davis Design, counts Knopf, Abrams, and Chronicle Books among her clients. 
She holds an MFA from Yale and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Davis is also the author of Stewart Tabori and Changs “Look and Cook” and “See and Sew”. 
She lives in Israel and Pound Ridge, New York. 

Other books by Tina Davis:

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang (May 1, 2004)
ISBN-13: 978-1584793588

Somewhere between banging the table with a spoon and refusing to eat Brussels sprouts, children are captivated by the magic that takes place in the kitchen. Transforming a lump of dough into a chocolate chip cookie, watching a pancake puff up on the griddle, rolling meatballs between their hands are all enchanting to children.
'Look and Cook' features 50 simple recipes for kids of all ages that capture the fun of cooking. The kid-tested recipes are clearly explained and colorfully illustrated with vintage cookbook artwork.

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang; SPI edition (June 30, 2006)
ISBN-13: 978-1584794912

When Tina Davis published Look and Cook, she got thousands of kids in front of the stove and hooked on cooking as they enjoyed the results of their newfound skills. With this wonderful new companion book, she'll move kids from the kitchen to the living room, where they'll have just as much fun learning to sew everything from a strawberry pot holder to a drawstring bag, from a sock doll to a cat purse they can pin to their pockets.

See and Sew is a vibrant introduction to sewing that doesn't require a sewing machine or advanced skills.

Note: This review was not requested and bear in mind, it reflects ONLY my opinion!


  1. These all look like excellent books to encourage youngsters to take up new hobbies. In the electronic world it is all too easy for these skills to get overlooked. Good idea to buy them as Christmas gifts.

    1. I cringe when I see how much young children depend on electronics these days! Whatever will they do when power is not available?

  2. Wonderful book ideas!! My little ones love to work in the garden!

    1. There is something mesmerizing for little ones when they get to work in the dirt aside Mum and Dad or GrandMa/GrandPa...I remember our own kiddies' grin when they brought back fresh produce from the veggie garden...
      I hope to have the chance to check out those two other books Kayla. They sound very promising!

    2. I bought the gardening book for Emma for Christmas. She is going to be so happy!

  3. These children's books sound delightful, Noelle. How nice that you read them also. I love children's books, and they remind me of when my kids were small and reading to them. Are you familiar with the "Berenstain Bears"? Those were my favorite books to read back in the day. One day I'm going to put my bookcase up and display all my interesting books. Thanks for sharing, dear.

    Have a good week.


    1. It is my daughter who is particularly found of children books Sheri. I myself like their illustrations and I will be looking forward to see what you might have in your interesting stash!
      P.S. As my son will attest, The Iliad and the Odyssey took precedence over such as The Berenstain Bears in our household. I remember nursing him and telling him stories of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire!

  4. I love childrens books and often buy them for the illustrations and they come in handy if I have a small visitor.
    Merle....... ............. ..........

    1. You sound like my daughter Merle! That said, I know there is this special shelf on her bookcase, way up...no small hands can touch it! Those are very dear to her and I am happy to say one or two I introduce her to!

  5. These are such beautiful books...makes me want to pick them up and peek inside! Hope you are well tonight! Sweet hugs!

    1. I plan to keep my eyes open for a copy of each Diane!


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