10 February 2010

Bible Review

My family and I have recently been given the opportunity to review the "Word of Promise New Testament" audio bible.

This 20 CD set including 1 DVD brings to life the teachings of Christ and his disciples through the voices of an incredible cast of actors, audio effects and most uplifting music.

A wonderful teaching tool, it is not only entertaining but I guarantee you will want to hear it over and over. This is definitively the best way a parent or Sunday school teacher can use to teach young and old alike what is after all the most beautiful story ever written.

Headed by Jim Caviezel as Jesus and Terence Stamp as the voice of God the 120 international cast of award winning actors will reach out to you as never before. You will never forget it!

Produced by Carl Amari, directed by Jobe Cerny and including the composer Stefano Mainetti incredible music rendition, this is a wonderful gift for anyone!
This family gives it a 5 star rating!

Note: I received this free Bible from BOOKSNEEZE to review. All views expressed are my opinion only.

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