07 February 2010

Women and Scriptures


Perhaps it is our trouble times but I have seen a return to simpler things and faith such as we were taught as little children. It seemed then we took things for grant and we were not trying very hard.

As women we know now that our very beliefs helps us to grow as wives, mothers and friends. It is the cornerstone of our family values. It helps us to understand whom we are and what we hope to leave behind us ever so humbly.

Love and trust are such precious feelings and we cannot help but feel betrayed when someone tramples on what we offer with all our heart. A kind word or gesture does not cost much and means so much especially when you are down.

The Scriptures gives us so many examples of forgiveness. At times we struggle to remember we are not alone and do the right thing. No man is an island and I am learning this! One cannot have too many dreams though so I keep trying... Better times are yet to come.... I have signed up for newsletters that I hope will help me to understand better what I can change about myself and accept the things I cannot.

A good friend introduced me to the work of Elspeth Young, a wonderful artist. She brings to life the Scriptures. I find myself again and again checking the details in her paintings and never tire of it!


You will enjoy checking the following gallery with her paintings I am sure. Please note I received no compensation for my opinion. It is just that, my opinion! Enjoy!

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