02 February 2010

Chocolate, Jane Austen and books


I love food, no surprise there. I like to experiment but like everyone else I am sure, there are certain recipes which along the years have become a mainstay. I will eat anything that is not too spicy or greasy and no liver and onions or shellfish!

So is chocolate actually food? If so it is my favourite! This being the month of February I have the perfect excuse for preparing chocolate mousse (Valentine's Day), Black Forest Cake or perhaps chocolate cheese cake (someone's birthday and so decadent) and I even found a good reason to make truffles (in this case I met an octogenarian who loves chocolate more than I do if this is possible!)

Along with many others I am sure I have followed the new installments of Emma on the BBC. This latest version shows none of the traditional reserve we have seen in previous shows and I have enjoyed discovering the human side of Jane Austen "Emma". My favourite version is in fact with Gwyneth Paltrow whilst my husband favours Kate Beckinsale.


The one thing we agree in this house is that no matter how often we see a movie adapted from one of Jane Austen's books we never tire of it! Any screenplay written by Andrew Davies wins over any other also for like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get and what a delight!

Cheers to the month of February, Jane Austen and her wonderful stories of Love and of course to Chocolate however decadent it might sound... Dream a little dream of...

I received no compensation for this post. I just enjoy sharing my thoughts/dreams!

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