07 February 2010

Tasha Tudor, Corgi love and little girls

When she was just a little girl my daughter came home one day to tell me about Tasha Tudor and her beloved corgis. I had myself never heard of her and her canine friends but once I saw her books and looked at the quirky little dogs, I never forgot.

A few years later an acquaintance brought one of her corgis over and I lost my heart! The next thing I knew, I was offered to "dog sit" for a whole week and yes, you guessed it, this little girl became part of our family. She stayed with us until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge one very cold February. We buried her under a beautiful Dogwood next to the pond and it broke my heart. I never forgot her!

I took an early retirement from the work force a while back and I was convinced by my daughter (There she goes again) to check on the Net for another Corgi. This beautiful one year old Corgi came in our life and we renamed him MacIntosh.

A tad shy (was I dreaming??) he was just what I needed!
Mac loves his ball first and foremost! You can throw it all day long. Try the freesbie and he flies! His meals requires a little dance around and around. The tele gets his attention all the time, he likes classical music not rap (oops, sorry) and abhors bells of any kind. His big ears will let you know of any impending invasion by the Natives and I always know when my neighbour and friend is on her way by the big grin he wears!

My one regret is that MacIntosh was not with us as a puppy. I will always wonder what he looked like and I am even looking online for a photo and imagine him as a pup. He has become much part of our life and like every corgi he rules the house!

As to Tasha Tudor and her many books about Corgis I have too many favourites to list but I definitively wish to add to my collection her cookbook! I discovered this one only last week and hum, yes, at my daughter's home. Who could have guessed?!

The selection in the book reflects all my usual staples for our family thus it would be an excellent addition to our library. (Hint anyone? )

Note: this post reflects my opinion only. I received no compensation for this!

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