07 February 2010

Woodland and long walks


I was taught from an early age walking was good for me, my Granny walked everywhere and took us along on wonderful jaunts. Since we lived nearby the Colonial Park, the Royal Palace and a lovely duck pond (yes we fed the ducks all the day old bread they could eat) we could not but enjoy such outings. I remember a particular avenue we walked lined with Japanese cherry trees. What a canopy in the Spring!

Granny loved walking and I recall some of those walks were particular long. She also had a knack for meeting people. I remember one wet Autumn afternoon near the Belvedere she met a Pole. This man described his youth holidays including summers in the Polish countryside in a lovely old farmhouse. But what I remember the most was his tale of the wolves crying during the long winter nights! Wolves!

We never saw this man after that afternoon but we spoke of him sometime and remembered how lonely he sounded when he spoke of his childhood.

Granny reminded us often there are so many interesting people in the world and so many things to learn.

She never stopped doing so until her death at 93. She lived well and dreamed...

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