11 February 2010

Love and Fireworks

Fireworks over Toccoa is the title of the book I just finished reading last night. An Advance Readers' Edition, the book was loaned to me by a thoughtful friend and I could not put it down.

A debut novel written by Jeffrey Stepakoff, this was truly a moving story filled with surprises. Like many people I am sure, I have marveled at fireworks in the past not realizing how much skills, even traditions are tied into it.

This book speaks of all of this, family values, passionate love, pyrotechnics, war effects on the ones in the front lines as well as the home front and of course as in all things in life, decisions that ultimately changes our lives.
Albeit unknown to me this author is credited with many play writings such as The Wonder Years, Sisters, Major Dad, Dawson's Creek etc...I am however very much looking forward to his next novel!

Please note this is my opinion and I received no compensation for adding it to my blog.

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