19 February 2010

Spring, daffodils and cherished babies


Spring must be in the air as irises are coming up, daffodils are blooming as well as snowdrops and hyacinths and yes, it is sunny! Albeit still a tad chilly in the am, I could not resist and opened the windows! Fresh air, and I can hang the laundry out! Bliss!

Browsing for new ideas for tiny hats and clothing for babies I came across the above title. I had not idea who Erika Knight was but checking her website I discovered she is a fellow knitter and very talented too. I just love the photos above! I think my next pennies will have to be spend on these books!

P.S. I was lucky to locate the first book at our local library and I can attest it is just as good as I hoped! Guess who is knitting and of course dreaming?

Please note this post reflect my opinion only and I was not remunerated in any way for it!

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