06 March 2014

Let God, DVD review

Let God   -

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Released on DVD on 25 February 2014!

One Woman’s Struggle with Faith
in the Face of Survival and the Battle Against Time


The faith-based film  follows the story of a young housewife, Amelia, who heads west with her husband during the 19th century gold rush and is left alone without resources in the harsh wilderness when her husband is killed in a savage attack. Battling winter, hunger and the unknown, Amelia must take life into her own hands as she struggles with a loss of faith and battles for her survival.

“There’s a gap between ritual and faith, and we explore that,” said “Let God” writer/director/producer William Parker. “The character of Amelia is very ritual oriented – she goes to church, she read the Bible…but through the movie she kind of gives up on it. Amelia struggles with loss of faith, feeling she’s been abandoned by God and is completely on her own.”  “In the end, she realizes that not only does she actually find her faith, she actually really believes, genuinely, ‘This is what I was looking for,’” adds Jasmin Jandreau who plays Amelia. “She realizes, through another connection in the film that comes along, that God was with her the whole time, and God was communicating with her the whole time.”

In addition to winning both “Best Feature” and “Best Actress” honors at the 2013 Breckenridge Film Festival, “Let God” was also an official selection at the 2013 Gideon Film Festival and has earned the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for any age. “This is a terrific Story!” said the Dove Foundation. 
“The writer/director and leading actress Jasmine Jandreau, as Amelia, somehow manage to make this story of survival a powerful movie about trials and a faith that overcomes all odds…You will enjoy watching this one. Don’t miss it!”

My Thoughts:

With its haunting score and excellent cast, this movie relies more on visual effects than an extensive dialogue, perhaps to magnify the solitude of the young settler. Alone for the first time, Amelia must find somehow a way to survive.

It is 1848 and there are rumours of gold in California. Levi and his wife Amelia join the last wagon train of the season in hope to build a better future for themselves in a new land.
Leaving her home and family is not an easy decision for Amelia but she trusts Levi to provide for them.

When Levi decides to leave the safety of the wagon train and is killed in an Indian raid, the young woman finds herself alone at the mercy of the brutal elements with Winter settling in.
Desperate, with little food or much hope, she turns to God praying He will not abandon her.

Just when everything seems lost a young native appears unexpectedly. Together they struggle to survive in the beautiful but harsh wilderness for Amelia knows their survival depends on finding a way to rejoin civilization or they will die. 

A story about courage and faith tested to their limit, Let God's powerful ending reminds you that He works in mysterious ways and nothing is lost as long as there is hope!

Let God is 91 minutes long and well worth checking out for family viewing and church groups!

5 Stars! 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD courtesy of Edify Media, Inc. as part of this movie promotion. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 'Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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