16 March 2014

Today Is Very Special...

Drum roll please!

Today happens to be a very special day: MAC (that's me Folks!) is 8 years old! 
Yep, I was born on 16 March 2006! 

Mum says I look very good for an 8 year old Corgi (she says I am good looking, debonair and all together lovable!) 

She also says I am a walking catastrophe: in the last 12 months I suffered acute pancreatic - my white cell count went above 6000 - and I also lost a battle with a Hobo spider...and I just had a relapse due to another insect bite, maybe a flea? What are cousins for, right?! 
Phew! Life isn't easy for someone with short stubby legs like mine.

I did not want a lot of fuss for my party but as you can tell, Maira is not the kind of gal to get very excited about anything!

I was told to be good whilst Mum prepared my goodies (gifts)!

Biscuits and a new Frisbee! Canine Heaven!
I can't wait to play in the yard (if it ever stops raining that is, I hate rain!)


  1. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow and everyone can play and celebrate! Have FUN! Hugs!

    1. Yeah! Looking forward to sunny lazy days!
      Thanks Diane,

  2. Replies
    1. Mac says thank you kindly! We love him even if he is a catastrophe!
      All the best Stacey,

  3. Belated birthday greetings to Mac. looking good!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Tracey. How's the remodeling coming along? Watch the back (having a few issues in that department myself alas!)
      Very happy to see you here and Mac says thank you kindly!

  4. Angus sends birthday greeting.
    I haven't seen much of him lately as his mum and dad have moved into their new house and it a bit of a drive away from me but he is coming to stay for a couple of weeks soon.

    1. Thanks Mate!
      Two whole weeks? Sound lovely for you, he looks like a sweetie! With Drumstick and Wing Commander, Angus is bond to have a great time!

  5. Concretulations! What al loveley dog! Hugs from Pippa and me!

  6. Happy birthday Mac! I'm quite envious of that cake myself!

  7. Happy (belated) Birthday Mac from my three pups and I! Hope you get some nice spring sunshine soon:)

    1. Mac says Thank you kindly!
      His Frisbee is just waiting for him to enjoy some sunshine...It remains liquid sunshine though, sigh...


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