02 March 2014

On Reading Nooks And Book Covers...

Surrounded By Books.
Photo # 1
(All photos source VIA unless mentioned otherwise)

This past week I browsed through the Net in order to get some ideas for our 320 sq ft mountain cabin.
Those of you who stop by regularly will remember a post a little while back (see HERE) asking for your opinion about a possible move from island life to mountain life. 
Not many of you took me seriously but the comments I received were very helpful and an idea has emerged. More on that later!

At this time, our cabin is in need of insulation, shower stall, solar panels for lighting as well as some remodeling to include a (much needed) mudroom and wall space to accommodate...our books!

EBook are all very well but there are little treasures we would not want to part with if at all possible.
After 38 years of marriage and many moves, we have become adept at 'pick and choose' favourite items in our household and well, books always seems to be taking priority!

Photos, bits of china, a handful of family memorabilia, tools and telescopes comes next but there seems to be more boxes of books when all is said and done. At this time we are thinking of utilizing every available wall! 

Furniture and clothing can always be replaced and would need to be adapted to 1/3 of our usual living space at a much higher elevation at any rate. 
We are becoming experts at downsizing, trust me!

So back to reading! 

I see myself in photo # 1. Comfortable sitting and loads and loads of books!

Light as a Feather on a Trampoline.

Photo # 2 might be more fitting with our new lifestyle perhaps? (not in Winter though...Br...)

Rustic and Relaxing.

Photo # 3 is bit more Gypsy like than I would prefer!

Choosing those tomes we treasure is based on how many times we have read their stories. We pack only those we could not bear to part with, timeless reading, enjoyed often and enduring because of the plot, the characters and the author's solid knowledge of their craft, not as you might think because...of their cover!

Which brings me to mentioning an excellent post by Artist Jane Housham I spotted only today on the vagaries of book covers, those trending and those printed years ago with a striking resemblance!
I often lament on covers which seems to my eye at least, hardly a reflection of the book itself!

Do take a moment to visit THINGS TO MAKE AND DO and see what Jane has come up with!
It will surprise you! 

(Photo source Google)

For myself, I prefer those tomes, often leather bonded, featuring timeless titles, friends I reach for to dream along the days  (as well as a handful of authors whose prose I have learned to appreciate and do not mind at all if they come in paperback only)!

Happy Sunday,


  1. I agree with you about the top picture, that would be my choice too. I care about lighting - I hate having to squint, never did have very good eyesight and it's certainly not improving! I love certain books as individuals, almost. Another copy might not be so good as the one I already have. Which is a strange thing, but true. :)
    I would love to have a cabin like you describe. Wow!

    1. Jenny, I appreciate your input. I hate to admit it but eyesight comes first at our age (you know how it is perhaps: you turn 50 and all warranties are over! From that point on, it goes down hill)
      I am not sure everyone would share our taste for the simple life but we find the isolation real bliss!

  2. Noelle,
    So, photo 3 speaks to me, as I a gypsy at heart. Nel would absolutely love the first picture. I think she could live in there. I wasn't aware that you had a cabin, I thought you just lived on the island. I've always wanted a small cabin to call my own. How lucky you are.

    Have a great week ahead, friend.


    1. Sheri,
      Photo # 1 made ex-RAF flyboy chuckle and say 'looks like a shoppe to me' then turned around and laughed even harder when looking at our books! No difference there!
      As to the cabin, I have from time to time mentioned it and posted photos. We just might make the plunge and move to quieter pastures! I'll keep everyone posted!


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