04 December 2013

Blast!...Or My Life In Ruins (Not The Movie!)

Lately my laptop had been a little sluggish...

We did not want to give up though and gave it TLC of course...

Our pets are 'well behaved' (or so we like to think) 

So we could not place the blame on either of them...

However it is a good thing I am not a 'gun toting Mama'...

It did not get that bad though, rest assured...

But I knew I was in trouble when the screen remained blank...BLANK????

And before you suggested it, YES it was plugged in...(Got you!)

Hello LIFE (friends!)
And yes, this is exactly the first picture that showed when I pushed on the on button!

Thank you ex-RAF flyboy...huh Santa!!


  1. Replies
    1. I am now!
      Thanks for stopping by Dear!
      Happy Holidays,

  2. Love the photos with the pets "computing"! I get very frustrated with technology, but then I think how hard it would be to go back!

  3. You are absolutely right Jean! I must admit the Internet was a wonderful invention...Now if I could just figured all, I'll be a happy camper!
    Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays,

  4. It's so frustrating when computers don't behave. We would not put up with such nonsense from other appliances like the toaster or electric kettle. My computer beat me at chess once. But it lost at kick boxing!

    God bless.

  5. I get the chess game Victor but kick boxing? I never knew you could do that in cyberspace...My, I suddenly feel old...There were no computers when I was little and it is still very much a learning process!
    Keep safe...We heard about the bad weather at home. Sounds as if we are going to experience a cold winter here on the island as well...
    May His light shine upon you and yours (even Aunt Gertrude!)


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