05 December 2013

Christmas Shopping...

Christmas is very much a traditional celebration for us...We simply learned to combine three nations and two continents in our festivities, taking the little things that made such a part of our lives in the not so distant past and incorporating them in new traditions. I imagine we are not the only ones! 

Christmas of course is all about sharing! Whilst we are faraway from 'home' and loved ones, we keep in touch as best we can throughout the year but we still like to ship a parcel or two during the Holiday Season! 
And like many, we prefer homemade when all possible...It means so much more than store bought!

Christmas shopping...It used to be fun...Until people forgot the true meaning of Christmas and fought in the stores over a coveted item (or two...I cannot forget the picture of a man pushing a cart with 2 - 50" inches telly on Black Friday!)

Online shopping however quieter is not always as expected... I won't bore you with tales of woes when purchasing clogs from an Irish seller, only to find out the item was shipped from Poland...and so poorly packed the clogs were damaged in transit...(not once, but twice!!).

I hesitate shopping online as I consider myself warned (once bitten, twice shy...) but there are exceptions to the rule of course! 

Let me introduce you to two online shopping GREAT experiences:

The first is THE SWALLOW's TALE:

If you are looking for one of a kind piece of jewelry, this is the place! Featured in a Victoriana periodical, her logo and samples of jewelry just caught my eye.

Alexa is a exquisite artist with an eye for details! Here you will find just the item you are hoping to give to your Mum, sister or friend this holiday season! 

The only problem you will have is in choosing...and then gifting...You will be tempted to keep it for yourself!
Each item is lovingly packed and includes her signature card!

The second one is BOTANIC BLEU:

Judy loves all Country French inspired things and shares with others her passion! 

Her seasonal shoppe is open this Christmas but unless you live in Texas and have the opportunity to stop by, you might just like to pop up on her online shoppe (do so asap as her sale is going on right now!)

She not only provided me with that special gift for 'the person who has everything' but wetted my appetite for items I simply could not resist for myself! (I was good, I chose just one!)

Judith shares her ideas in her blog so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Do you have a favourite online shoppe? 

Note to Readers: I am not affiliated in any way with either party and was not remunerated for mentioning the shoppes! 


  1. I love shopping online and will look at these shops. I know I've been to Botanic Bleu and love her things. I shop Etsy and need to do a little shopper's guide post, too! Sweet hugs my friend...stay warm!

  2. I will have to check out your shopper's guide Friend!
    Br...what ever happened to our milder weather?

  3. Noelle,
    I don't usually do online shopping, but I do, however, buy gifts from my bloggy friend's shops once in awhile. I just bought a star that I admired and it's so pretty. Yes, I heard about the shoppers on Black Friday and couldn't believe that some of them were fighting over the same gift. I like to get my shopping done early and my decorating so I can enjoy the Christmas season and remember what it is really about.

    Enjoy the holiday, Noelle.


  4. Sheri, I will admit I much preferred the small shoppes which catered to regular neighbourhood shoppers, you know where you were greeted by your name...I miss those times! I don't like malls and found online shopping vastly different but as I said, there are exceptions and I was happy to stumble on those bloggers! There is yet another one I hope to mention again...Fiona is an incredible artist and everything she makes is one of a kind!
    I plan to enjoy every moment of the Season Dear!
    All the best,

  5. Depuis 2 ou 3 ans, j'achète pas mal de cadeaux sur internet. Pour les livre, les cd, les jouets, je trouve ça pratique. Mais c'est aussi agréable d'aller de magasins en magasins chercher des petits cadeaux et de trouver la petite surprise qui fera plaisir. Généralement, je n'aime pas faire du shopping quand il y a trop de monde : ça m'agace et ça me fatigue... ;D
    Bon weekend à toi !

    1. Ca m'agace aussi quand les gens vous bouscule pendant le shopping.
      Toutefois nous sommes si loin de tout, c'est une veritable expedition pour aller quelque part surtout avec l'horaire du ferry! Je pense souvent a mon enfance et les paves des rues, les illuminations dans les boutiques et surtout le marche...
      De bon souvenirs tout cela!
      Un bon weekend a tous aussi!

  6. I will never understand the black friday madness. I love homemade and most gifts I give during the holidays are homemade. And my all time favorite gifts are pictures.. I am no help to you unfortunately I have not had to much experience with online shopping. I am putting your package in the mail tomorrow :) I had to wait for the little ones to finish up their artwork for your fridge. Emma enjoyed writing your name and said it is very pretty.

  7. Oh my! That is so sweet of you!
    We also love handmade!

  8. Noelle,
    What a unexpected surprise to find you have shared with your followers your shopping experience with Botanic Bleu. I am thrilled that you found it a GREAT experience. One of my goals is to provide things that people will love, but another goal is to make the experience a joyful unique one. I remember special little shops that I have visited in the past and miss because they are no longer around. One favorite was Quilted Heart in Arlington, TX and another was Sir Wigglesworth in Salado, TX. Both were so special.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season, especially now that you have some of your shopping finished.



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