01 December 2013

Drone by Mike Maden, Book review

  • Publisher: Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (October 22, 2013)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0399167386
  • Hardcover: 432 pages


"A brilliant read with astounding plot twists...Maden's trail of intrigue will captivate you from page one." —CLIVE CUSSLER
With a fascinating international cast of characters and nonstop action, Mike Maden’s Drone kicks off an explosive new thriller series exploring the inescapable consequences of drone warfare.

Troy Pearce is the CEO of Pearce Systems, a private security firm that is the best in the world at drone technologies. A former CIA SOG operative, Pearce used his intelligence and combat skills to hunt down America’s sworn enemies in the War on Terror. But after a decade of clandestine special ops, Pearce opted out. Too many of his friends had been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Now Pearce and his team chose which battles he will take on by deploying his land, sea, and air drones with surgical precision.
            Pearce thinks he’s done with the U.S. government for good, until a pair of drug cartel hit men assault a group of American students on American soil. New U.S. president Margaret Meyers then secretly authorizes Pearce Systems to locate and destroy the killers sheltered in Mexico. Pearce and his team go to work, and they are soon thrust into a showdown with the hidden powers behind the El Paso attack—unleashing a host of unexpected repercussions.
            A Ph.D., lecturer, and consultant on political science and international conflict, Mike Maden has crafted an intense, page-turning novel that is action-packed and frighteningly real—blurring the lines between fiction and the reality of a new stage in warfare.

Here are my thoughts:

Beginning with the author's note it is understood that many of the drones described in 'DRONE' are in the developing stage or already in use which adds to the reality of a gripping story!
I enjoyed the story yet I was disappointed in some areas of the plot (the good guys don't always win...just like in real life!)

Still, Mike Maden gives a fascinating look at government politics and rivalries and provides readers with an interesting idea of the way any government truly functions.

Troy Pearce, the main character in the story is a likable hero though there are other heroes as well, and of course the quintessential villains/terrorists.

Fast paced and even hard to put down at times this is a read which apparently is only the beginning of a series showcasing Troy Pearce's exploits.

For action and details I must be fair and give it 5 stars, the book is a winner after all!

Note to Readers: Due to thematic content, recommended for mature readers!

About the Author:

Mike Maden's lifelong fascination with history and politics ultimately led to a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Davis, focusing on the areas of conflict, technology and international relations. 
After brief stints as a campus lecturer, political consultant and media commentator, Mike turned to studies in theology and a decade of work with a Dallas-based non-profit where he eventually discovered screenwriting. DRONE is the result of a recent challenge by two published friends to try his hand at novel writing.

Visit his website (HERE)

Note to Readers: 

This ARC was a Giveaway courtesy of the author and his publisher. Many thanks to both for the opportunity. All opinions expressed are mine only!


  1. Sounds like a book I need to check out. Seems it would be a good movie also. Thank you for another great review. I need to head to the library this week and get a new stack of books. Hope you are staying warm :)

    1. Re movie: An excellent idea Kayla!
      I use to borrow my (ret. Military) sibling's books all the time...hence the sometime very masculine subjects!
      Cold but bearable at this moment, worse Wed.and Thurs. sigh...

  2. Sting of the Drone by Richard Clarke (http://www.amazon.com/Sting-Drone-Richard-A-Clarke/dp/1250047978) is a better read in my opinion if human costs and on ground situation is to be studied. Similarly in comparison novel “Bullets and Train” written by Pakistani author Adeerus Ghayan ( http://www.amazon.com/Bullets-Train-Adeerus-Ghayan-ebook/dp/B00LJK7KZ8 ) provides a different view. It is available for free download at Amazon Kindle and looks at the matter from a purely Pakistani point of view. It is interesting how authors from two different parts of the world convey the same message that drones are fuelling terrorism.

    1. Thanks for the interesting comment Sarah K. I am always happy to learn of other titles and this was after all an interesting subject.
      All the best,


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