08 December 2013

It Is Not Too Late...

Remembering the troops at this time of the year is one way to acknowledge their sacrifices and those of their loved ones, particularly when so many still have to come home!

Here and abroad, Soldiers will be home if only in their dreams!

If you have not yet, please write a line or two (or better yet, send some home baked goods!) to someone in the Armed Forces and show them you care!







No one should be alone and forgotten especially at Christmas!

P.S. Don't forget their furry friends!

And in the words of that famous person...

(Bob Hope doing what he loved best...entertaining the troops!)

Thanks for the Memories...

"One kind word can warm three winter months."
~ Japanese Proverb ~


  1. I love this post.. When my husband was deployed he absolutey loved getting mail, especially around the holidays. He said it helped him to feel back at home. He kept every single one. Last year my son came home from school with over 600 cards and letters for the soldiers. I was so proud of him. He asked his teachers if they would have each student make a card and they sure did. I sent them all to my husband and he had a blast handing them all out. We are so lucky to have our soldier home this year. He will be off for two weeks. And then shortly after he will be deploying again. So I am going to soak up every second of him.

  2. Oh Kayla! 600!! I have written a few letters/cards to the troops in my time but 600! I can well imagine how proud you and hubby must have been!
    Well done!! So many never get anything!
    God bless,

  3. Wonderful post, it would be so hard to be away from home at Christmas time.

    1. Comments means a lot Merle, thank you!!


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