23 December 2013

Hope, Cheer and Happiness...

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Hope, Cheer and Happiness...Today's inspiration came from a little piece of paper...my paper towels to be exact!
You know how something starts your chain of thoughts...In this case it was Patience Strong, Janice of Bluebells Woods and Christmas...

For those of you who are not familiar with Patience Strong's name, this well loved British author produced some amazing inspirational collections of verses, Verse to Touch the Heart (in my case, three books in one volume).

I first learned her name when Janice revealed her Dad was a POW taken by the Japanese during WW2. Janice's Mum wrote to him regularly and included snippets of Patience Strong's verses then published in the newspapers in the UK as a moral boost I'll wager.

This story stayed with me as I hoped he received each and everyone of these verses whilst waiting for the end of the war and be reunited with his loved ones!

As I understand Patience's verses touched the hearts of millions for over half a century and were published in newspapers, books, calendars and Christmas cards all over the world.
In addition she penned the lyrics for the wartime hit 'Jealousy, and 'The Dream of Olwen' as well as the official sixth birthday tribute to then Princess Elizabeth performed at the London Palladium.

Patience Strong became a household name in the UK in 1935 after she took one of her verses to the editor of the Daily Mirror who told her to go home and bring him another eighteen verses the following day. 'A Quiet Corner' was launched!

Patience brought hope, cheer and happiness to millions when it was most needed!
In turn Janice often reminds us it is best to count our blessings instead of our shadows! Her blog is written with her whole heart despite many heartbreaking life moments.

Hope, Cheer and Happiness: a reflection of one very special lady and I mean you Janice!

Merry Christmas Dear Friend,

  • Publisher: Smithmark Pub (July 1996)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765196552

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