19 March 2010

Angels, NKH and hope

Angels have a special way to come into our heart and once there they never leave! In the last few days I often thought of the many little angels that touches our lives.

I count my blessings to be a part of HAIN
(http://heavenlyangelsinneed.com/) and I am glad my love of knitting might helping a little the many families and angels in need.

Today I learned a new name: NKH or
Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia. Anyone can check the site (http://www.nkh-network.org/) and find out more about this disease as I did. Doctors are hopeful.

I can only pray there is indeed hope in the near future!

The above sites mentioned have not remunerate me in any way but are certainly worth checking and I hope you will!

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