14 March 2010

Precious memories, prayers and knitting

Sometime we forget that Sundays should be different from the weekdays. Our busy lives demands that most of us treats it like any other weekday, often catching up to prepare for the following week.

Chances are some of us go to Church, perhaps spend the day with family or friends or likely due to economics work like any other day!

But today I thought since I was lucky enough to choose what I want to do I will treat this day differently. Prayers will be utmost in my mind.

As a member of http://http//heavenlyangelsinneed.com/ I will knit whilst remembering a precious little girl will be born tomorrow 15 March 2010 with many challenges. Her family is preparing for this beautiful little angel and I know she will touch them in many ways.

A photographer http://http//www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/will help preserving their precious memories and I just know her family will pray as they never have before to have the strength to make every minute count.

I was asked to prepare something for her and I hope it will be just what her Mum hoped for! I know this little Angel will always be remembered!

Note: I support both organizations with all my heart but I have not received any remuneration for including them in this blog.

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