17 March 2010

Birthdays, Corgi and happiness

My birthday boy! MacIntosh turned 4 years old the sixteenth of March and is no longer a puppy! Looking back at the last three years since we adopted him I count each day as blessed.
In exchange for 2 half cups of food daily, throwing his ball and a few treats, I get all the Corgi love he can give me

Doggie park walks (no leash, Freedom!), beach combing (love all that sand!), hikes in the mountains (fresh air, squirrels, chipmunks...) and rolling in the snow (Oh, it feels so good!) are amongst his favourites! Our big boy does not like rain however and forget about swimming! Heek! Water!

I will be leaving a long list of "must do" for his caretaker whilst we are gone and I will look foward to all those corgi kisses upon our return! MacIntosh will miss us as much as we will miss his smiling face!

Every day I click on the Animal Rescue site to help one of the many who are still awaiting to be adopted. It is such a little thing yet it just might make a difference!

The Animal Rescue Site

Note: I received no compensation for this mention. I support their work however whole heartily!

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