02 March 2010

Oil For Our Lamps and Preparedness

This past Saturday I was invited to attend a Women Conference titled "Oil for our Lamps" and it brought to mind many things.

The presentation in itself was beautiful and the singing very uplifting! I realized I would have been very sorry if I had not attend and I made the most of my time spend with other ladies listening to speakers and hearing others sharing their experiences.

I find myself at a time in my life like so many others I imagine, wondering if I am indeed prepared. Do I have enough oil for my lamp? Have I listened and learned enough to sustain me to face the times when my lamp will be needed?

Is my Faith strong enough to help me in bad times as well as good times? Should I be more willing to prepare myself spiritually and physically? Am I really too busy to do more? And most important, have I done enough for my family? Are they prepared?

Being prepared is something we can do in so many areas in our lives. It is not limited to Faith and preparing for life after death but also in the event of a major catastrophe.
As the daughter of a commissioner for the Boy Scouts movement and the wife of a scoutmaster, I have always been told that "Be Prepared" in an excellent motto.

One of the speakers brought to our attention however that our outlook on disasters especially needs to be adjusted. It is no longer if but when something will happen. The YoYo statement or You are On Your Own certainly reached out to all of us especially in view of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chili and the remembrance of the aftermath of Katrina.

As women we find ourselves the pivot of our family and therefore it is on us that our loved ones will depend for survival. Getting organized for possible disaster does not mean we have to be pessimist and expect the worst but to be prepared for such eventuality would make a major difference.

I must admit I have been too laid back in regard to stocking food for example (something my daughter reminds me of daily) and too trusting in regard to access to water. Our community owns the water system but in the case of a major catastrophe I just might have to face the possibility I might not be able to rely on it.

Our First Aid kit has been depleted as well and whilst I know my family does have some measure of survival skills I also know I have no outside contact (a person outside of this area we can all contact to find out how any of us have managed). I am also too trusting a disaster will happen at home whilst it could very well happen anywhere.

At times I found myself smiling like others whilst we listened to the speaker last Saturday. It happens elsewhere, often in poor countries, we are better prepared for anything, we know more today than ever etc...

At other times I was jolted out of my complacency: help will not come in 72 hours (so why is my pack only for 3 days?).

In the event of a major disaster such as Natural, Economic, Pandemic, Earthquake I have nothing to use for commodity. Post War Germany found their citizens using salt and oil for theirs!

I learned at this Emergency meeting that 4 pounds of salt is needed per person per year... 14 Five gallons buckets filled with charcoal briquettes will allow a family of 4 to have one warm meal a day for a whole year... Scope is excellent as an alternate antiseptic, you should always carry a whistle and our bodies craves warmth in time of stress...

So I have taken duly note of the many sites mentioned on that day which will help me to be MORE prepared.


The class ended with the following statements:

- It is better to be a year too early than a day too late!
- When it starts to rain, it is too late to build an ark!

I must admit I am not as nearly close to being prepared. I will try harder in all areas but I am still a dreamer...

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