10 March 2010

Dover cliffs, tea shoppes and time travel

Somehow when you retire from the work force the days all seem to blend... and yes I forget what day of the week it is! According to the calendar however we are soon leaving.

Packing is not something I worry about it! I often tease my husband in regard to his batman. The poor chap must have been busy as they traveled around the world twice!

I on the other hand, do not wash windows (if I can help it!), I will not mend socks (this is not required of any wife!) and I pack at the very last minuted (if I forget anything, Booths, here I come!)

I have however if you will recall talked of lists as in wish lists thus I feel I am ready!

There is the list of the places we always go back to such as the Cliffs, it would not be the same without a walk along the coast or a stroll through Canterbury for i.e.

A stop perhaps in a old book store (yes, I have a list for this also, I am a fan of Catherine Cookson!) or maybe a stop in a map store (the latter will enthrall m
y husband for ever).

I also have discovered the series of the Tales of Dimwood Forest and I just know my daughter would love to add Poppy and Rye to her shelves (if she does not know this series)!


There are a few wonderful (hopefully) shoppes to visit, kitchen gadgets (lakeland.co.uk), linen and yes, knitting (erikaknight.co.uk)!

Walks to take along the beaches, tea shoppes to enjoy and see how everyone in our family has fared in the last few years.

Time travel sounds so wonderful at times. We miss so much being so far away!
It is so easy to say hello, not so when you say goodbye... Some dreams however do come through! We will soon be there!

Note please: I share these websites with anyone and was not remunerated in any way!

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