05 March 2010

Baby seal, sea shells and remembering

I missed the baby seal spotted on our beach last week. I would have loved to see one again! They look so precious.

I found that I am not nearly walking enough on our beautiful beaches (we have two) and I will try harder. I have always loved to be close to the ocean and I enjoy beach combing picking up seashells and what not.

The surf especially draws me, its sound unlike anything else. I could walk for miles along the shore, just listening and remembering my childhood.
My Grand Mother was born and raised around the sea and she could not stay away for very long!
We were always spending our holidays along the coast and beach coming was her favourite especially after a stormy night!

I have a lovely clear glass vase I store "my pretties" in. Small seashells, bits of washed glass all polished by the waves rolling in, even a small urchin shell...

I remember and I have not forgotten...

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