20 March 2010

Home, neighbours and music

"Home is where the heart is" they say so I thought it a good thing to post a view of "home" and since it would not be completed without a peek at our neighbours, here are photos of two of our regulars! (I cannot claim Michael Crawford as neighbour however...)Music is something I cannot live without. I reach for the stereo before I put the lights on! I love music and I have my preferences of course like everyone else!

I would describe my tastes as eclectic but I love classical especially Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky. I also love Strauss, Miles Davis and the Big Bands particularly Glenn Miller and his orchestra and let's not forget Elvis Presley singing the Gospels.

Recently I remembered hearing Michael Crawford in "Hello Dolly" and that as a teenager I was drawn to his voice. So our friendly library provided me with 2 of his CD's and I have enjoyed hearing his voice all over again.

This time I discovered his album called "The Disney Album" and "A Christmas Album", the latter dedicated to his grand children. Absolutely enchanting! And let's not forget his wonderful rendering of the Phantom of the Opera! I am indeed a fan!

My teenage years are over but thank you Michael Crawford for sharing your wonderful talent! I loved hearing you all over again!

As for the "neighbours" they are so tame they come right up to you to beg (and yes, it works!).
Dreams, good dreams and full of music...

Just a note: I was not compensated in any form for this posting (neither by the doe or raccoon or by the celebrity).

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