07 March 2010

Peonies, teatime and relaxation

Peonies brings to mind the old times, quiet and relaxing. Large porches decked with rattan furniture, potted ferns, and teatime with dainty china cups and tiny cakes served on lovely lace tablecloth or even a sunny corner in the garden with a couple of chairs and an old table.

We always had peonies growing in our backyard and I miss seeing their wonderful blooms. A very thoughtful neighbour and friend has been sharing hers with me and I love to see a few blooms on the table!

I have always prefered linen on our table and I have find some wonderful treasures in thrift shoppes including tea cups, small dessert plates and tiny vases. I like to create a small corner on our (tiny) porch in the summer and relax during the summer afternoons along Tobbington our Corgi!

A basket holding my latest knitting project, a good book and a cup of tea! There are so many choices: Earl Grey is my favourite however but I also drink any green or herbal tea. It is a wonderful way to relax!

Life is so hectic these days and we should learn again how to relax as our grandmothers use to on those long forgotten afternoons...and dream...

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