13 March 2010

Malvern Hills, Primroses, and dreaming

It seems like a long time ago when my husband first showed me the Malvern Hills and I really enjoyed the strolls we took there along the years! A pilgrimage of sorts, we always go back when we visit, that we have time to walk the hills or just pass by.

Primroses are usually in bloom when we go home too and I love their blooms along the paths!

It all belongs to special memories I never want to let go of.

A long, long time ago, two people shared the following dreams with me and this also is part of memories I will remember always:

"It is to dream, it is to dream of magic and fiery dragons, it is to dream of songs of peace and melted guns, it is to dream of freedom for the children, bright new mornings for our daughters and our sons. It is to dream without the fear of being different, dream of doing what other folks don't do. It is to dream that life could be what it should be, it is to dream and believe that dreams come true.
Dream on people, dream on."

"There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone and what we send into the lives of others comes back into our own".
Always remembered, never forgotten!

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