25 March 2010

Crash, canine friend and birthday humour

Yesterday was a day of challenges. Iceland news told us the latest volcano eruption could still disrupt our trip home.

Email from a friend regarding an HAIN birthday exchange yesterday however brought a big smile to my face: who would not like to anticipate a birthday gift?

Her message came just at the right time! I responded by telling her I was having what my daughter would call a "crisis"! I spend Sunday in prayers whilst knitting a burial gown for a little Angel who died in the afternoon. I have never knitted so fast in my life but I was happy with the results. I hoped the family will be too.
I went on to tell her Tuesday however I decided to tackle the making of a birthday gift... I am not handy with much but knitting needles or even a bit of embroidery but I thought buying a pattern and a bit of material was a cinch...
After all, how difficult can it be to sew with a machine? But then maybe I should explain, I have hardly ever sewn with one before. 742482uor76y3h4t.gif Hum, 3 hours later, one broken needle and lots of prayers toward Heaven, I had an apron to offer...but I thought better to add a tag:"Do not wash me...EVER!" wormt.gif
742481rubaj90658.gif I think this picture described me perfectly at that moment!

Today however I told this friend about God not being finished with me. He also has a way to remind me I am not in charge...
Whilst traveling through a nearby town my husband and I and our best canine friend fell victims to a rear end collision.

Shaken, a tad bruised and our car damaged (we had to tie the back door with a rope to come back home limping...sigh...) we waited an hour and a half to get any help from the Fire Department (calls everywhere) and the Police Department (same for them). Then it was a rush to the Veterinarian to have our MacIntosh evaluated as he was in his crate in the back...

We are however safe and sound but mentally bruised: it could have been worse, a fire perhaps and no way to open the back door to reach our best friend... Sleep evaded us last night and while the insurances companies will debate our little car's fate we still have to pack to leave.

So our prayers today will include a quick note to God regarding
Eyjafjallajökull the volcano who woke up after 500 years, hoping that it does not wake up the other giant (Katla)! I am thankful also for our family who rushed to help us and take our best friend to the Vet and the good friend who joined us later!

We are really looking forward to our trip home!

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