04 March 2010

Mice, gifts and sewing

I have seen so many "pretties" on blogs, I feel it is time to try something different!
Knitting is something I love to do and I am getting better and better at it or so I am told. Everyone loves a compliment now and then!

Sewing, well... That's another matter entirely!
I have a sewing machine, a very nice made in Japan heavy duty machine...(I really should check the name brand). It seems to sit there a lot...

I recall having sewn a few items for our daughter in the past, mostly Halloween costumes, her favourite holiday! From what I have seen in photos, I even sewed a Superman cape for our son...
So why am I always struggling with threading the needle? And that is just the beginning!

When I spotted the funny little mouse above I decided to try sewing again... I want to sew something as a birthday gift and I have decided an apron might just be the thing to start with.

The little black sheep below however is much more like me...I know, I know, God is not finished with me yet!

I will, I will said the little train... Dream on...

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